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We started our organization in 2000 with just 4 children. The following year some more children. After that, many more all the way to 1000+. We had a very small begining starting with just our family. But as the days passed by, God is blessing our mission to the poor and needy. We originally started this as a family help to some kids. But that turned into an organization. It is growing every day with help of God's blessings, People's hardwork, Our wonderful sponsors and many Volunteers who work for us free without charging a penny.

Sam Vonumu - CEO & Founder's Testimony

  • How a Sponsor made a big difference in my Life?

    My name is Sam Vonumu, I come from a very poor family in India--from the city of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. My father passed away while I was 6 months old. Because of financial problems, my mother-- a single parent-- had a very difficult time raising me and my sister. She received no help from the family and had to work as a maid servant. She worked at three jobs totaling 16 hours a day. Yet, the money that she earned was not enough. She struggled hard to put me through school and had to request the school authorities (Seventh-day Adventist High School) to help her pay part of my school fees.
    At the time, the school had a program called CCF (Christian Children Fund) and I was enrolled into it. I had a sponsor from America who began helping me when I was about 5 and helped me for more than 12 years. She paid for my school fees, uniforms, books and more. She also helped my mother. She helped us all-- those whom she had never met. I would never forget her. Her generosity and compassion made a big difference in our lives for which I will always be grateful to her.
    After I came to America, I tried various sources to contact her. The CCF could not provide me with any details. I only know that her name was Mrs. H. George. All I wanted to do is to hold my sponsor, hug her, and thank her for all that she had done for me. I also wanted to offer her-- even in a small way-- something as a token of my gratitude. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to locate her. I hope someday I will meet this wonderful person. I pray for this every day.
    Nonetheless now, she is my inspiration and it is because of her that I have decided to help other poor and needy children. My wife, Rena, fully supports me in this effort. I am a living testimonial that help from a selfless and kind-hearted person can help build a Child's life in spite of difficult circumstances. My sponsor's generosity made a big difference in my life. Now, it is my turn. Thirty years later, I have become a sponsor along with my wife and am privileged to support nearly 70 poor and needy children.

Contact the Founder - Sam Vonumu email: sam@upliftachild.org

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    Uplift a Child International

    8705 Kodiak Drive, Silver Spring,
    MD-20903 USA

    Telephone: +1 240 7237271


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    • India:
    • D/no:2-44-22, Plot No:37, AU Qtrs., Near Task Force Police Station, MVP Coloney, Vishakapatnam- 530017, Andhra Pradesh
    • Congo(DR):
    • 15 Avenue Mbuji-Mavi, Q Keshyero, Goma City, North Kivu
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    • Box No:14760, Code 00100, GPO, Nairobi, Kenya
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    • Dhobighat - 3 Lalitpur Sub metropolitan City Lalitpur
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    • Block-1, Lot 18 Progressive 3 Village, Malino 1, Bayanan Bacoor, Cavite # 4102
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