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"Helping hands are better than praying lips" -Mother Teresa.

    She is only 9 years old and our youngest sponsor and volunteer from Dublin, California. She attended one of our Uplift a Child Annual sponsors program in Cupertino, CA along with her parents this year. She was inspired with our work and have determined to do something. After our program, every Sunday she started going from house to house meeting her friends families by giving a presentation on our cause and was able to connect many families who are now supporting many children for education.


    Mr. Lowry Ernest is our Director in Australia. He is currently in Sydney. Outside his regular job, he got a great passion for helping less fortunate children for education. We are very thankful to him and his family for his services to Uplift a Child.


    Mr. Chakravarthy is our Local Volunteer in Chittor, AP. He is looking after 50 children in the area. We are always thankful to him and his family for his services to Uplift a Child International


    Mr. David Raju is from Vizag, AP, India. He currently works as a school principal. He is looking after 50 children in the area. He also helps our Uplift a Child India office as needed and coordinates the Vizag Annual programs for Uplift a Child every year. Uplift a Child International will never forget his help.


    Dr. Rao is from Machilipatnam, Krishna District, AP, India. He is a retired medical doctor who is very active with service organizations in the area. He is associated with Y's Men International and was felicitated by Rotary for his services. He received several awards while as the area Service Director. He received best President award, best secretary award and best Governor award in Y's Men International. He is also the district coordinator for First Aid in Red Cross. Our sincere thanks to him for working with the less fortunate families in the Machilipatnam area and taking care of our Uplift a Child children. He is currently our Director for Uplift a Child International in Machilipatnam, AP, India.


    Emmanuel is our local volunteer in Tuni, E.G. District, AP, India. He is looking after 120 children in Tuni and Paykiraopet areas. He has been helping us since 2005. We appreciate his service and thank him for being a part of our organization.


    Swaroop is from Visakhapatnam, AP, India. He works for a private business. Apart from his full time job, he is volunteering his time to service humanity through Uplift a Child International. He closely works with India Uplift a Child office and spends numerous hours in helping us. We are very grateful and thankful to have him on our team of Volunteers.


    Our sincere thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Prasad Kunisetty of TeluguPeople.com for helping us with hosting our website on their servers for free for few years and various other type of help. They are also one of our sponsors helping some children. They are great inspiration to us and always have gone the extra mile to help us in any way they could. We are very grateful and thankful to have them on our team of Volunteers.


    Krishna is also a slum dweller from where Mr. Sam Vonumu has come from. He is now a post graduate and college lecturer. He is our first volunteer for our charity organization who started his services in 2002. He discontinued for few years to build his career. We are very happy to have him back with us and thankful to him for his services to Uplift a Child International.


    Our sincere thanks to Basrani family for helping us with fifty percent discount for all our sponsored children in Visakhapatnam(Andhra Pradesh, India) towards purchase of school shoes. We never asked them for any discount. We took our children to the shop to buy shoes. Looking at the children, they enquired our representative. When we told them that they are poor children and a team of sponsors are helping them for education, they immediately offered us discount for ever. This way, they wanted to do service to humanity.


    We are very fortunate to have this young volunteer who was introduced to us by our friend, Mr. Prasad Kunisetty. He is no other than our Anil, who helped us with the redesign of our Original Website and also helping us with the updates. We are very thankful to him for his time and services. Anil made a commitment to serve us and to be a part of Uplift a Child International. Anil is from Hyderabad, AP, India.


    Joseph is our Volunteer from Nizamapatnam, Guntur District, AP., India. He is responsible for our educational activities in Guntur & Prakasam Districts. He possesses great experience in Human service Management for more than 15 Years. We are very thankful and honored to have a dedicated person, willing to serve our Organization. He is looking after 100 children in the area. He identifies the less fortunate children, Meeting the families in slums and other under-privileged areas, Finding Schools, Coordinating admissions, Coordinating and buying uniforms, textbooks, notebooks and will also coordinate in providing the progress reports of all the children under his care.


    Christine is from Golfe-Juan, France. She is our Volunteer from France who is currently working on Translation of our website into French. She is a professional translator and translate from English, Spanish and also Russian into French. When we requested her help, she gladly accepted and doing all the work free. She stated that this is a good charity and she loves to help us because this is related to helping children's education. We are thankful to christine for her services and welcome her to be a part of our organization.


    Caroline is from Stockholm, Sweden. We are very thankful to her for translating our website into Swedish Language. She is a professional translator and did the whole project free since this is charity related.


    Mr. Wagner is from Germany. He is with Wagner Consulting Ltd in Germany who does professional translations and got language schools. We are very thankful to him and his office for translating our website into German Language. He never charged us anything and did everything for free. He and his partners are willing to promote our site and help us with some sponsors to help children's education.


    Dr. Lava and Dr. Navin are from Marlboro, New Jersey, USA. Boggavarapu family is very kind to volunteer their house (as our venue) for our Annual Sponsor's Meetings. All the sponsors in New Jersey State and New York meets here. Here, we give a report on how our work is going on, report on the children's performance and give an update on our visit to the children's locations annually. We already had 3 such meetings at their place. On October 29, 2005, April 29, 2006 and April 12,2008. Other sponsors hosted 2007 and 2009 meetings at their locations. They offered their place as a venue for such meetings every year. We are very thankful to their generosity. They are also one of our sponsors helping children for education.


    Hari is from Visakhapatnam, AP, India. He is our volunteer since 2010. While he was a college student, he joined Uplift a Child and since then he is a part of our service to the less fortunate children in Vizag area. We are thankful to his service.


    Sravanthi is from Ashburn, Virginia, USA. We met her at our 2015 Uplift a Child Virginia Annual Sponsors program in March. After getting to know us, she liked our noble cause and joined our team and dedicated her time. She currently our webmaster looking after our website. We are thankful to her service.


    Mr. Ramesh is from Vizag, AP, India. He has been a fan of our work since 15 years. Outside his regular job, he got a great passion for helping less fortunate children for education. We are very thankful to him and his family for his services to Uplift a Child.


    Mrs. Aruna Devi is our volunteer


    Mr. Venkata is our webmaster since 2019 taking care of our website related issues and works on scheduled maintenance and updates round the year. We are thankful to him for not charging us anything and doing everything free of charge. He currently lives in Texas and volunteer with us outside his full time job. We welcome him to our family.

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